Statement of Policy on Safety

The Gee Cee Company

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THE GEE CEE COMPANY OF LA, INC. affirms as its policy that this is the law, as all other laws, must be strictly enforced and obeyed. Accordingly, all personnel are directed to observe the requirements of the safety and health standards that have been laid by the Dept. of Labor to implement the Occupational Safety and Health Act. It is essential that each person accept as his individual responsibility they carrying out of all requirements of these standards, which have been furnished to all superintendents and foreman.

All supervisory personnel are required to carry out the Occupational Safety and Health Act guidelines in all respects and all employees are required to comply with the Act. There can be no exception of any kind to this rule. It is our firm commitment to obey the law in every respect.

In addition, it is the Company’s policy to maintain a program designed to prevent the terrible human and economic losses which result from injury and property damage, and to educate and instruct all personnel in methods and procedures to be followed in accomplishing these goals.

Finally, it is our policy to require that the complete cooperation of all personnel be given fully and without reservation. Only in this way can we avoid the horror of accidents and insure that all our personnel have the opportunity to enjoy safe working conditions.

Gibson C. , Construction Manager

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